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In the fourth century AD, this region was under the Guptas. According to various sources, in the Gupta period, the area under the kingdom of Kamrupa in Mymensingh, including this region under the seashumagupta. In 629 AD, when the Chinese traveler Hugh Nang came to the Kamarupa region at the invitation of Hindu Raj Shashanka, the kingdom of Kamarupa was run by Brahman Kumar Bhaskar Varman of Narayan family. In the late thirteenth century, Vaisiguri and Durgagoro used to manage their invincible kingdom in the northern part of Mymensingh. At the end of the thirteenth century, a Muslim ruler was able to attack the Eastern Mymensingh region and establish Muslim rule for a short time. In the 14th century, a monk called Jitara attacked and captured Bhatis, the then capital of Kamrup. Until that time, the Muslim rulers and the inhabitants could not permanently sit and rule in the area. During the reign of Alauddin Hussein Shah (1493-1519) at the end of the Christian fifteenth century, the entire Mymensingh region was included in the Muslim kingdom.

Although the rebellion took place once or twice during the reign of Nasrut Shah (1519-1532), son of Alauddin Hussein Shah, the rebels did not succeed. In the entire Mymensingh region, the rule of Nasrut Shah was in force. The successors of Nasrut Shah (1533-1838) or other rulers of Laksmanabadi could not maintain dominance over the Mymensingh region. The northern coaches of Mymensingh are reconsidered. The remainder was ruled by the Delhi Sultan Sher Shah (1539-1545) of Delhi. The time of the rule of Selim Shah (1545-1553) was full of rebellion and unrest. The revenue secretary Dewan Sulaiman Khan (formerly known as Kalidas Gajdani) opposed emperor in the scope of the weakness of Central Raj Shakti far from the capital Delhi. As a result, local and foreign states have tried to occupy so much territory. Among them Bhatti region (East-north) was owned by Solomon Khan. Though Solaiman Khan was killed in the hands of the Central army's sent soldiers, the eldest son, Isha Khan, ruled from Khizirpur in the Bhati region of his two sons. After the death of Isha Khan in September 1599, the first son Musa Khan and the Afghan army were governed by Khwaja Usman Khan. During the reign of Emperor Jahangir (1605-1627), the entire Mymensingh region was a Mughal empire.

Netrokona Sub-division of Netrokona district was formed on 17 January 1984 in Netrokona district during the British rule in 1880.

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